"California Dreaming" is a collaboration between YellowGiant & Nechoart which unites yoga mats & original art.

YellowGiant is a benefit corporation which supports rising artists by incorporating their art into eco friendly life style products. Four changes we would like to see in the world as a result of our efforts are:

(1) make art more accessible to the general public;

(2) create a practical application for an otherwise abstract medium;

(3) use art in order to increase environmental awareness and prosocial behavior;                                

 (4) promote understanding of the benefits of natural materials over poisonous plastics.

Nechoart represents the artwork of Sofia bound artist and illustrator Nedyalko Ivanov - Necho. Necho works with a variety of mediums to create art which expands conscience and emanates harmony.

His work follows the footsteps of Maurice Sendak, Jorge Luis Borges, Tove Jansson, Hayao Miyazaki and other legendary artists and writers who dedicated their talent to introducing extraordinary warmth and playfulness into daily life. Necho's art enhances the viewer's mindful presence and sensitivity to nuances.

Illustration: Sofia, BG  

Production: Shanghai, CHN  

SGS Certification: Geneva, SW

QC & Packaging: Los Angeles, US

Storage: Las Vegas & Los Angeles, US

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